Hog natural casings

The hog casings are indicated, in general, for medium-sized sausages, such as blood sausages, fuet, Bratwurst,... It comes in hanks or tubed, depending on the needs of the client.

The standard measures are 90 m / hank, being able to have other references.

Hog casings are available in the following calibers:
Caliber Filling capacity
-/30 mm
-/41 Kg
30-32 mm
41-45 Kg
32-34 mm
45-48 Kg
34-36 mm
48-52 Kg
36-38 mm
52-56 Kg
38-40 mm
56-60 Kg
40-44 mm
60-66 Kg
44/+ mm
64/70 Kg

The goods are available in the following presentations:

90m hanks in net, 2 hanks/net
90m hanks tubed –flex tube, 2 hanks/net
40m hank in net or plastic bag
20m double boundle, 1 hank/bag

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