Natural sheep casings

Sheep casings, with soft bite , are recommended for narrow caliber sausages , such as longaniza, chistorra (Spanish sausages) and Frankfurt. This product combine a thin and tender texture with a strong resistance to filling.

Natural sheep casings are mainly distributed in salted hanks or in brine, which international measure is 90 meters.

Natural sheep casings are available in the following calibers:
Caliber Filling capacity
18-20 mm
17-20 Kg
20-22 mm
22-25 Kg
22-24 mm
26-30 Kg
24-26 mm
29-32 Kg
26-28 mm
31-35 Kg
28/+ mm
34-38 Kg

The goods are available in the following presentations:

90m hanks tubed - pipes , 2 hanks/net
90m hanks tubed - flex tube, 2 hanks/net
Plastic bag with brine, 1 hank/net
Salted in net

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